Zendure Satellite Lithium Battery:

Sale price$5,599.00

Zendure Satellite Battery Overview

Capacity/Power: 6438Wh, ensuring long-lasting power for all your needs.

Battery Type: Utilizes cutting-edge Semi-solid state technology for efficiency and durability.

Output Options for Versatile Use

  • Car Outlet: 12.6V/10A Max, perfect for charging small devices on the go.
  • Anderson Port: 12.6V 30A 378W Max, designed for higher power needs.
  • XT90 Connector: Includes a range from 12V-60VDC, 10A, up to 600W Max with APP control for easy adjustments.
  • Efficient Input and Charging

    Input Specification: 12-150V=10A,600W Max, allowing for quick and convenient recharging of the zendure satellite battery.

    Design and Portability

  • Product Size: 69x28.5x27.4cm (27.2x11.2x10.8 in), compact dimensions for easy handling.
  • Net Weight: 101lbs (46kg), sturdy yet manageable weight for transportation.
  • Package Dimensions: 77x32x34cm, securely packaged for safe delivery.
  • Gross Weight: 51kg, including packaging material for maximum protection during shipping.
  • What’s Included

    A detailed list of items included with your zendure satellite battery will be provided here to ensure you have everything needed to start powering your devices.