48V Lithium Ion Battery

Premium 48V Lithium Batteries for Lasting Power

If you're looking for a powerful and long-lasting 48V battery, lithium-ion is the way to go. 48V lithium-ion batteries offer a number of advantages over other battery types, including a longer lifespan, higher energy density, and lower self-discharge rate. 48V LiFePO4 batteries are also much safer than traditional lead-acid batteries, making them an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. With all these benefits, it's no wonder that 48V lithium-ion batteries are becoming increasingly popular. If you're looking for an innovative and reliable power solution, 48V lithium-ion batteries are the way to go.

48V Lithium Ion Batteries

The Ultimate Choice for Power and Performance

Upgrade your performance to new heights with these highly-efficient 48V Lithium Ion Batteries from Lithium Battery Company. Embrace the future of renewable energy with our wide range of superior-quality lithium ion batteries featuring long-lasting performance, super-fast charging, and low maintenance costs that are perfect for your golf cart applications or any other heavy-duty usage.

Experience Unmatched Performance with our 48V Lithium Ion Battery Series

Our extensive product lineup includes 48V 20AH Lithium Ion Battery, 48V 100AH Lithium Ion Battery, 48V 30AH Lithium Ion Battery, 48V 50AH Lithium Ion Battery, and the powerful 48V 200AH Lithium Ion Battery suitable for a variety of applications. We also offer Lithium Ion Golf Cart Batteries 48V specifically designed to give your golf carts the extra power they need to perform at their best.

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48 products

48V 10AH lithium ion battery with red wire for high-performance electronics
48V 15Ah lithium battery diagram for High-Performance 51.2V 15AH with BMS
High-Performance 18Ah Lithium PVC Wrap Battery with Red Wire
51.2V 18AH lithium ion battery with red wire for efficient power
Black printer machine related to 48V 30AH golf cart lithium battery on white background.
48V 30AH lithium ion battery box diagram illustration.
51.2V 30AH lithium ion battery box with wiring diagram for reliable 48V 30Ah power
HP C410A Printer Driver for Windows on 48V 40AH UPS Portable Generator display.
Portable power station 51.8V 40AH with batteries in black case
Peko Peko case for 51.8V 40AH CTS Portable Solar Power Generator accessory
Black 40AH lithium portable power station with handle on white background for camping.
48V 41.2AH lithium-ion battery with blue recall and red wire detail
Black suitcase-style 48V 60AH lithium battery generator with wheels and handle
48v 60ah lithium ion battery box with Advanced BMS for power storage
Efficient 51.2V 60AH lithium ion powerhouse battery box with wiring displayed
65Ah LiFePO4 golf cart battery for solar system 12v5a
Black laptop with cover for 51.2V 66AH Power Motive Floor Scrubbers Battery.
48V 80Ah lithium battery box for Solar & EV Efficiency on white background
Drawing of 100AH LiFePO4 battery internals with a wire in a glass box.
51.2V 100AH Lithium Golf Cart Battery Box on White Background
High-Performance 51.2V 100AH Lithium Ion Battery with logo
105AH LiFePO4 golf cart battery with lithium charger and indicator display.
Blue 48V 118Ah lithium box with latch for Torqeedo power enhancement
Golf cart 150Ah LiFePO4 battery box for efficient power storage
48V 140AH lithium-ion EV car battery with a black box and blue latch
48V 150AH electric scooter battery pack with red wire
Open battery box of 48V 200AH Lithium Golf Car Battery ready for use.
48V 200AH lithium battery pack for AGV Robot with black box and red latch
48V 200AH lithium EV battery pack with green light indicator
Black computer case with red wires for 48v 200ah lithium ion battery in telecommunications

The Ideal Choice for Marine Applications

48 Volt Lithium Golf Cart Battery

Introducing our 48V Lithium Ion Batteries collection - the perfect solution for all your power needs! Our selection of high-quality battery solutions includes 48V Lithium Battery, Battery 48 Volt, 48V Battery, and more! If you're specifically in search of lithium golf cart batteries or 48V golf cart batteries, you've come to the right place. Our premium golf cart lithium battery and 48V golf cart batteries are guaranteed to enhance your experience and performance on the course.


Long-Lasting Power

Our 48V Lithium Battery offers a reliable source of energy with an extended lifespan, ensuring that your equipment stays charged and ready for use.


With a Battery 48 Volt, you can enjoy superior power and efficiency, boosting your device's performance.

Ideal For Golf Carts

Our lithium golf cart batteries and 48V golf cart batteries are specifically designed to provide reliable power and performance for your golf cart, whether you're on the course or off.

Safe and Reliable

Our golf cart lithium battery options are engineered with advanced safety features, ensuring a secure, worry-free experience.

48V Lithium Ion Batteries for Electric Vehicles

Our 48V Lithium Ion Batteries are the perfect solution for powering electric vehicles (EVs), golf carts, energy storage solutions, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, telecommunication power systems, home battery energy storage systems, electronic products, and solar energy storage. Our batteries are designed to provide reliable and efficient power, with a long lifespan and low maintenance requirements.

Innovative Solutions for Your Power Needs

High Performance and Reliability

Our 48V Lithium Ion Batteries are designed to provide high performance and reliability. Our batteries are designed to be lightweight and compact, making them easy to install and transport. Our batteries are also designed to be highly efficient, providing maximum power output with minimal energy loss.


Innovative Solutions for Your Next Project

Need a Custom 48V Lithium Ion Battery?

Lithium Battery Company can help you create the perfect custom 48V lithium ion battery for your next project. Our team of experts will work with you to design and build a battery that meets your exact specifications. We use the latest technology and innovative solutions to ensure that your battery is of the highest quality and performance.


Compact Design

Save valuable space while still obtaining the power you require for your portable devices with cutting-edge lithium battery technology from the highly reputable Lithium Battery Company.

Technical Expertise

Obtain professional advice and expert guidance for selecting the optimal power solution for your specific requirements in Lithium Battery Technology from the renowned Lithium Battery Company.

Longer Lifecycles

Optimize your replacement cost savings and experience the benefit of long-lasting performance with our reliable batteries equipped with cutting-edge lithium battery technology from the Lithium Battery Company.

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