small lithium ion battery charger (6943002624043)

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12V 2A Lithium Battery Charger

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The Go Charge series of maintainers and battery chargers combine both capabilities in one convenient unit, are an affordable, reliable, and safe battery charging system designed for everyday use. The system is engineered for users who need a charging system on an occasional basis and may not want or need the capabilities of a heavier duty and higher amperage product. The system delivers superior value to customers. May be used in many types of everyday applications including Automobiles, ATVs, Golf Carts, Lawn Mowers, Motorcycles, Watercraft, Snowmobiles.

2.0 Amps
State of charge LED indicator
Reverse polarity protected
Zero spark technology
Includes power cord and fused harness
1 year warranty
Conforms to UL/CUL specifications
Four (4) stage charge profile
Both alligator clips and ring terminals included
Overvoltage and over current protection
Universal input
Quick disconnect harness connection
Flexible rotating A/C power plug
Battery Maintainer and Charger
Affordable, Reliable, and Safe
TROUBLE-FREE ‚Äď Just Plug It In and Forget It!
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Wide Variety of Applications
May be used in many types of everyday applications including Automobiles, ATVs, Golf Carts, Lawn Mowers, Motorcycles, Watercraft, Snowmobiles

Product information


High Energy Density

Our lithium-ion batteries have unparalleled energy density, meaning that they can store more energy in a smaller space compared to other battery technologies. This makes our batteries ideal for portable devices where size and weight are critical factors.

Extended Lifespan

Our lithium-ion batteries have an extended lifespan, allowing them to last longer than other battery technologies. In fact, our batteries can last up to three times longer than conventional batteries, which provides a significant cost advantage over time.

Superior Performance

Our lithium-ion batteries provide superior performance compared to other battery technologies. They offer a higher power output, which means that devices can run faster and perform better. This makes our batteries perfect for applications that require high performance.

Industry-Leading Safety

Our lithium-ion batteries are equipped with advanced safety features that protect against overheating, short-circuiting, and other potential hazards. This ensures that our batteries are dependable and safe, giving our customers peace of mind.


Automatic Hands-Free Battery Management System

Voltage Management

Voltage management regulates the voltage level of the battery, preventing overcharging and excessive discharge, which can both shorten battery life.

State of Charge Monitoring

This feature measures the amount of energy left in the battery and helps prevent overcharging or deep discharge.

Fault Detection / Isolation

Fault detection and isolation help the system to detect any issues with the battery and isolate the faulty cell to prevent further damage.

Cell Balancing

Balancing ensures the cells in a battery are at the same charge level and helps to extend the life of the battery.