When you need an intelligently designed custom battery pack that provides power for specialized industrial equipment and mission-critical devices, our engineers can design a custom innovative or standard battery pack solution for your product’s specific needs.

Expertise in Designing and Manufacturing

Build a Custom Lithium Battery

Do you have specific needs for your lithium battery that aren't met by off-the-shelf batteries? In that case, building your own custom lithium ion battery is the perfect solution! Our custom lithium ion battery pack manufacturer will ensure you receive a high-quality battery created with the precise specifications you need.

Our custom lithium battery solutions cater to industries requiring tailor-made batteries for their systems or devices, such as:

  • Electric Vehicles
  • Robotics
  • Medical Devices
  • Solar Energy Storage
  • IoT Devices
  • Telecommunications


Expertise and Quality Assurance

At LBC Battery Company, we take pride in the quality and expertise of our custom lithium-ion batteries. Our experienced team of engineers will work with you every step of the way to design and manufacture the perfect battery for your application. We provide a comprehensive quality assurance process to ensure that your battery meets all of your requirements and provides the expected performance and longevity.

Get Intelligent, Cost Effective Battery Solutions for Your Specialized Projects

Build A Battery Pack Solution That Suits Your Product Needs


We source only the highest quality UL-tested, CE-certified, and UN38.3-compliant lithium-ion battery cells for your most important projects.


Unlock the power potential of lithium-ion battery cells with our innovative and customizable battery management system solutions.


Our battery pack assembly meets the highest international standards at our ISO 9001-certified factory. Trust us to provide the most advanced battery assembly available.

Step-by-Step Guide

Building Your Custom Battery

  1. Choose your voltage - Based on your device or system requirements, select the optimal voltage needed. Popular options include 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, and 72V lithium-ion batteries.
  2. Determine the capacity - Decide the energy storage capacity that best suits your requirements. The higher the capacity, the more energy your custom battery will store.
  3. Select your battery cells - Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose from high-quality lithium battery cells compatible with your selected voltage and capacity.
  4. Battery management system - Identify the right battery management system to ensure your custom battery doesn’t overcharge, drain too quickly, or heat excessively.
  5. Packaging - Select the appropriate enclosure material and design that best fits your device or system requirements, taking into account factors such as size, weight, and environmental conditions.
  6. Quality testing - Our team will test and validate your custom-built battery, ensuring that it's both secure and reliable.