36V Lithium Ion Battery

36V Lithium Battery: Power for Trolling Motors & More

Are you tired of constantly replacing your trolling motor battery, or lugging around heavy and bulky power sources for your golf cart or other recreational vehicles? Well, it's time to upgrade to the best, most reliable power solution on the market - the 36V Lithium Battery!

We are proud to offer our premium selection of 36V LiFePO4 Batteries, specifically designed to provide you with long-lasting, dependable power for all your outdoor adventures. Say goodbye to the frustration and inconvenience of traditional lead acid batteries, and hello to a new level of performance and freedom.

Our 36V Lithium Battery is the perfect power source for your trolling motor, delivering unmatched efficiency and endurance. With its superior energy density, you'll be able to run your motor for longer periods of time, saving you time and hassle. No more constantly recharging or carrying extra batteries on board - our 36V Lithium Battery has you covered.

But that's not all - our 36V Lithium Battery is also perfect for powering your golf cart or other recreational vehicles. Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to install and transport, without sacrificing any power or performance. Plus, with its longer lifespan compared to traditional batteries, you'll save money in the long run by not having to replace it as frequently.

Our 36V Lithium Battery is not just any ordinary power source - it's a game changer. Upgrade your outdoor adventures and activities with the most reliable and dependable energy solution available. Don't settle for less - choose our 36V Lithium Battery and experience the difference for yourself. Order now and see the power for yourself!

24V Lithium Trolling Motor Battery

The Ideal Choice for Marine Applications

36 Volt Lithium Battery

Upgrade your power source and get back to enjoying your favorite outdoor pursuits with our curated collection of 36V lithium-ion batteries. Our commitment to quality and dedication to providing reliable, high-performance battery options make us the preferred choice for marine and recreational vehicle enthusiasts.

Lightweight Design

Our 24V Lithium Battery lineup reduces overall weight, making them the perfect fit for boats, RVs, and off-grid systems.

High-Energy Density

High energy density and more usable capacity, allowing you to power your 24V accessories with ease.

Low Maintenance

Little to no maintenance, owing to their solid-state design. Our batteries are also Compact and lightweight design.

Impressive Battery Life

Our 24V Deep Cycle Batteries have a longer lifespan, ensuring you get the most value from your investment.

Lithium Trolling Motor Battery

A Perfect Fit for 36V Trolling Motor Battery Applications

Our 36V lithium ion batteries are designed specifically for heavy-duty trolling motor applications. Their lightweight design, superior performance, and extended lifespan make them perfect for use in marine environments, ensuring the ultimate in both power and reliability.

Upgrade your marine and outdoor equipment's performance with our selection of trolling motor battery solutions today, and experience the numerous benefits that 36V lithium batteries provide.

Shop now to discover the perfect 36V 60AH Trolling Motor Battery or 36V 120AH Lithium Trolling Motor Battery solutions for your needs, and enjoy the unparalleled quality and performance that only our 36 Volt Battery options can offer. Whether you're a professional angler or a weekend warrior, be assured that our 36V lithium ion batteries will power you through every adventure.

36V 60AH Lithium Trolling Motor Battery

Innovative Solutions for Your Next Project

Need a Custom 36V Lithium Ion Battery?

Lithium Battery Company can help you create the perfect custom 36V lithium ion battery for your next project. Our team of experts will work with you to design and build a battery that meets your exact specifications. We use the latest technology and innovative solutions to ensure that your battery is of the highest quality and performance.


Compact Design

Save valuable space while still obtaining the power you require for your portable devices with cutting-edge lithium battery technology from the highly reputable Lithium Battery Company.

Technical Expertise

Obtain professional advice and expert guidance for selecting the optimal power solution for your specific requirements in Lithium Battery Technology from the renowned Lithium Battery Company.

Longer Lifecycles

Optimize your replacement cost savings and experience the benefit of long-lasting performance with our reliable batteries equipped with cutting-edge lithium battery technology from the Lithium Battery Company.

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