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This 24V 120AH Lithium Ion Battery is the most powerful lithium battery on the market. It has GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and 4G cellular capabilities, all accessible through the iOS and Android app. Expert support is also available, so you can stay connected to the cloud server and monitor your battery.

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Technical Specifications

Product Description

The search for the perfect trolling motor battery is over! Introducing the 24V 120AH Lithium Trolling Motor Battery - the best lithium battery on the market. This powerhouse of a battery boasts an impressive voltage of 24 and a capacity of 120 amp-hours so you get both power and endurance in one package. Kit Includes two 24V 60AH lithium-ion batteries.




120 AH (Each Battery 60AH)


13.0 In X 7 In X 8.5 In (Each Battery)


63 lbs


LiFePO4 Grade A

Group Size

Two - Group 31

What's Included

  • Reset Button

  • 4G Cellular (Optional)

  • WiFi Connect (Optional)

  • GPS Theft Prevention

  • Bluetooth APP

Professional Support


Are you excited to start using your lithium trolling motor battery but not sure where to start? We're here to help! With our support, you'll be cruising the waters in no time!

24/7 Support Diagnostics

In today's fast-paced world, we expect things to be available at our disposal 24/7. That's where the Don't Die app comes in. Available on both ios and Google Play, this app offers round-the-clock support with cloud diagnostics.

The perfect balance 

of tech and convenience

"This lithium trolling motor battery truly delivers the best of both worlds for all anglers out there. Whether you're a tech-savvy angler who demands the most advanced equipment or someone who just wants to relax and fish without worrying about technical issues, this battery is the perfect solution."

  • Built-In Support & Monitoring

    24/7 technical support and cloud monitoring for your trolling motor battery. 

  • Quick Reset Button

    Quickly restore battery power without having to jump start of another battery. 

  • Easy To Use Bluetooth APP

    Easy to use bluetooth app on iOS or Android. Get access to up-to-date battery information.

  • Built-In Predictive Maintenance

    Automatically optimizes performance and increases the life expectancy of the battery.

  • Automatic Firmware Updates

    Enjoy the convenience of automatic updates without needing to manually update the firmware.

  • Anti-Theft GPS Tracking

    If your boat or batteries are ever stolen we can recover them with our Anti-Theft GPS Tracking.


EXPLORE THE 24v 120ah lifepo4 battery

100% A+ Grade Lithium

Get higher performance and longer lasting power with 100% A+ Grade Lithium.

Fastest Recharging Available

Recharge your device faster than ever before with advanced lithium charging technology.

Most Powerful Battery

Last up to 4x longer than regular batteries ‚Äď perfect for extended use.

Safe LiFePO4 Chemistry

Enjoy safer operation and performance with patented Safe LiFePO4 Chemistry.

Our Battery Features

Built-In 4G Cellular*

Stay connected by monitoring your battery in real-time. Enjoy added security with cloud reports. Ensure optimal performance and reliability of accessories. Receive alerts and notifications to stay ahead of any issues.

Built-In Wifi Connectivity*

Enjoy the freedom of never having to manually charge your device with automatic firmware updates. Receive alerts if your battery charger is not working - no more worries about running out of power unexpectedly. Get peace of mind with a reliable battery that runs in peak performance. 

Quick Reset Button

Quickly switch between sleep mode and working mode with the press of a button. Never worry about unexpectedly losing all your power again. Eliminate the need to replace your battery after every sleep cycle. Enjoy long-term use of your battery with quick and easy restarts when needed.

Built-In GPS

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your battery is protected with built in GPS technology. Easily locate and disable stolen batteries so you never have to worry about unauthorized use‚ÄĘ Reclaim control of lost or stolen batteries with a disable feature.

The Only Lithium With A Reset Button and Color LED Battery Level Indicator.

Easily know when it's time to charge your batteries with the Color LED Battery Level Indicator. Get uninterrupted use thanks to the Reset Button that quickly restarts the battery if it falls asleep. Get long lasting power for any electronic device with lithium technology.

Trusted By The Pros.

Get improved power and performance with our long-lasting lithium battery technology. See the results instantly with our reliable and dependable battery. Gain peace of mind knowing you’re using a trusted product from The Pros.

Say Connected With The
Don't Die APP

Track your device's battery usage & get estimates on how much battery life you have left. Maximize the life of your device’s battery with our built-in preventive measures through our APP. Get an accurate picture of voltage, capacity, and temperature through the Don't Die APP.

Lithium Battery Voltage Curves Explained

How It Affects Your Electronics

Our lithium delivers reliable power throughout the life cycle of the battery.

Extend the life of your electronics with reliable power. Keep your devices running efficiently with consistent voltage delivery. Get peace of mind knowing you are using an industry leading battery to power your electronics.

Keep your electronics safe: Get a lithium battery that won't destroy them

Many lithium battery brands use low-quality lithium cells that are not properly matched, which can negatively impact your electronics' performance and lifespan. While it may be tempting to choose a cheaper option, in the long run, you may end up spending more by constantly replacing your devices.

Compare Battery Management Systems

Our Battery Management system offers better performance than other companies' battery management systems. Put your trust in an industry-leading battery management system to get the most out of your investment.

Other Companies

Don't Die‚ĄĘ BMS

Cell Balancing

Over/Under Voltage Protection

Temperature Control Protection

Current Limiting Protection

Short Circuit Protection

Real Time Monitoring

Optimized Power Flow Function

Predictive Maintenance

Anti-Theft GPS Tracking

Bluetooth App

Customizable Settings

UL1642, IEC62133, UN38.3


best lithium trolling motor batteries





What is a Lithium trolling motor battery?

A Lithium trolling motor battery is a type of rechargeable battery specifically designed for electric trolling motors. Trolling motors are used on freshwater fishing boats to provide precise control over the vessel's direction and speed without much effort. Lithium trolling motor batteries offer several advantages compared to other types of batteries, making them an ideal choice for anglers using electric motors.

Why should I use a Lithium trolling motor battery?

Lithium trolling motor batteries can be a great investment for your boat or other water-based recreational activities. Lithium batteries are becoming increasingly popular due to their superior performance compared to traditional lead acid flooded batteries. Here's why you should consider using a lithium trolling motor battery: 

1. Lighter Weight: A lithium battery typically weighs 50-70% less than its lead acid equivalent, making it easier to transport and install on your boat. This lightweight nature also leads to improved overall efficiency as the lighter weight will result in fewer drag forces when traversing through the water. 

2. Improved Cycle Life: The cycle life of lithium trolling motor batteries is approximately double that of traditional lead acid flooded cells, providing extended use before recharging is required. A typical cycle life for a lithium battery range from 2000-5000 cycles while its lead acid counterparts have an average cycle life of 500 - 1000 cycles before needing replacement. This makes them ideal for those who may need long distance travel capabilities or extended periods between charges without sacrificing performance.  

3. Longer Run Time & Highest Capacity: Lithium batteries are also known for having higher capacity and longer run times compared to lead acids, up to 3x longer depending on size and model type! For example, if you‚Äôre powering electric fiberglass outboard motors with 48 volts/100 amps = 4800 watts total power draw then you‚Äôll get up 6 hours of continuous run time with one full charge of a 200 Ah LiFePO4/LiCoO2 cell over just 2 hours with standard PbA cells! So if your goal is more time spent boating without worrying about running out half way through your journey then investing in Opella's LiFePO4/LiCoO2 cells is definitely worth it!   

Overall, there are many advantages when considering investing in a quality Lithium trolling motor battery instead of settle for the traditional lead acid option due its increased reliability and enhanced performance features they bring along with them such as light weight portability, longer cycle lives and higher capacities delivering maximum power output throughout all season usage thanks to their excellent heat resistance capabilities giving you peace of mind during those summertime trips on warm waters further away from civilization not requiring frequent charging sessions like others would need thus keeping on going without interruption even in extreme conditions no matter what comes along ensuring each outing will be unforgettable!

How do I choose the right Lithium trolling motor battery for my boat?

Choosing the right lithium trolling motor battery for your boat requires careful consideration of several factors. First, you must determine the size and type of trolling motor that will be used in your boat. This is important because the size of battery you need depends on the power output required by your trolling motor.

Next, you should consider what type of lithium chemistry is best suited for powering a trolling motor - Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) or Lithium Ion (Li-Ion). LiFePO4 batteries offer higher cycle life and greater safety than Li-Ion batteries while still providing heavy power outputs when needed. 

Also, be sure to think about how often you use your boat and what kind of environmental conditions it frequently faces. If you plan on using it in salt water environments regularly, then select a battery with superior corrosion resistance to help protect against damage from saltwater exposure. 

Look into each battery‚Äôs specifications such as voltage rating (V), amp hours (Ah), charge time, energy density and self-discharge rate to decide which one fits your needs best based on its performance capabilities and cost efficiency compared to other options available in the market that meet your requirements. Additionally, keep an eye out for additional features like built-in display screens or Bluetooth compatibility if they are important to you when considering batteries for purchase. 

Furthermore, use caution when handling these batteries since they can pose some serious risks if not handled properly due their high energy levels ‚Äď make sure there is proper ventilation around them so that gases do not accumulate near them during charging or discharging operations; check regularly for any signs of wear & tear etc.. Be mindful about where exactly these batteries get stored so as not to risk spilling acid onto nearby surfaces -- always place them away from flammable substances such as paper towels etc., especially if carrying multiple sets at once! Lastly ensure they are securely fastened so that they don‚Äôt move around too much while underway; this reduces chances of shorting/electrical connections being interrupted & damaging delicate electrical components inside& boosting overall reliability/safety onboard!

How do I install a Lithium trolling motor battery?

Installing a Lithium trolling motor battery is a relatively simple process, but there are still some important steps that must be followed in order to ensure proper installation and safety. 

Before beginning the installation process, make sure you buy the correct size of battery for your system. It is also important to note that lithium batteries require certain types of chargers, so it's best to purchase those items at the same time as your new battery.

Now let’s get into what is needed for the actual installation:

1. Disconnect any existing power on boat by unplugging from socket or disconnecting terminals on battery. If applicable, make sure ignition switch has been turned off as well. 

2. Put protective gear including hand gloves and eye protection on prior to taking apart existing battery components and setup as required by specific model/system instructions manual supplied with product from manufacturer 

3 Carefully remove old batteries from terminal connection boxes (do not forget left and right side connections) using appropriate tools such as wrenches or pliers; wipe away any corrosion before installing new batteries 

4 Place lithium trolling motor batteries in terminal connection boxes ‚Äď again making use of appropriate sizes of bolts, screws etc.; tighten down all nuts securely enough so no movement can be felt while bolting them together; tighten down all nuts until they ‚Äėclick‚Äô 5 Attach positive red wire (+) first & negative black wire (-) last] with appropriate cable connectors onto respective terminals of respective cells within each box 6 Once cables have been connected securely ‚Äď attach both lids back onto terminal boxes 7 Turn ON main electricity breaker (if applicable); then turn ON ignition switch Placing junction boxes cover plate back onto opening 8 Lastly - connect charger cable from external charging source directly onto said installed trolling motorbattery; then plug charger into an available 180-230 volt AC outlet 9 Make sure voltage settings are properly adjusted according to manufacturer instructions & wait few hours for each cell charge up fully 10 After successful cycle completion turn off main breaker again before unplugging charger 11 Double check entire installation procedure following above steps carefully done twice more 12 Finally switch on main power source once again confirm voltage reading match desired levels 13 Then you are ready go enjoy!

How do I care for my Lithium trolling motor battery?

Caring for a Lithium trolling motor battery is essential to ensure you get the most out of it. First, you should always use the appropriate charger when charging your battery to avoid overcharging or undercharging and damaging your battery. When charging, make sure that your charger and its accessory cables are in good condition and correctly connected to each other and the batteries. Additionally, you should charge fully before using, as this will help extend battery life by ensuring charged cells don‚Äôt go into a deep discharge state. Also make sure not to store batteries with large changes in temperature as this can reduce performance over time ‚Äď try to keep them at 10-25¬ļC (50-77¬įF). 

When using your trolling motor, keep an eye on its power output ‚Äď if it's below 50% capacity then consider recharging sooner rather than later as overly discharging Lithium batteries can cause irreversible damage. Consistent partial discharges can also be hard on the lower capacity cells so try not to drain too low too often; having multiple banks of smaller sized cells may help in reducing damage from partial discharges. 

Finally, remember that all Li-Ion/Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries self-discharge slowly over time so always store them partially charged (around 40 - 60%) ‚Äď never let LiFePO4 voltage drop below 3V/cell as this could put it into an unrecoverable deep sleep mode which would require replacement of some or all components of the pack since attempts at revival through conventional methods often fail due to missing parts inside those packs such as BMS etc... Following these tips will help ensure that your Lithium trolling motor battery lasts much longer!

How can I extend the life of my Lithium trolling motor battery?

Proper care and maintenance of your Lithium trolling motor battery is key to extending its life. Here are some tips for proper storage, charging, and usage of a Lithium trolling motor battery:

1. Store the battery in a cool, dry place when not in use. This will help prevent damage due to heat or cold temperatures that can reduce the lifespan of the battery over time. 
2. Make sure you charge your Lithium trolling motor battery regularly and fully every 6-12 months depending on how often it is used as this will help maintain the health of the cell capacity over time (note: be sure to follow all manufacturer instructions). 
3. Avoid completely discharging your lithium trolling motor batteries; do not let them drop below 50% charge which could cause permanent damage or shorten its overall lifespan significantly. 
4. When using your lithium trolling motor batteries for extended periods, make sure to check power levels periodically throughout use so you can adjust accordingly if needed (such as powering down) without running completely out of power unexpectedly mid-trip! 
5. Always clean terminals after each use ‚Äď dirt can build up overtime reducing performance & increasing resistance which leads to loss of power over time so always keep those contacts clean!  
6 Lastly, make sure you are familiar with all safety precautions from both manufacturers and experienced users when handling any type of electrical equipment like marine powered batteries such as lithium trolling motors - staying informed on safe practices will help protect both yourself & understanding how best maintain these devices!

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