Skylla TG Charger:

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The Skylla TG Charger features two outputs, one with a full rated capacity and a second at 4 Amps, designed to offer flexibility for various charging needs. With its ability to precisely adjust the charge voltage, it meets the requirements of any battery system efficiently. This charger is designed for 230V input at 50/60HZ, catering to a wide range of power supply standards.

Particularly noteworthy is the charger's capability to directly measure charge voltage at the battery terminals. This function allows for the compensation of voltage loss caused by cable resistance, ensuring an accurate and optimal charging process. Additionally, an external temperature sensor is included, enabling the adjustment of charge voltage based on battery temperature. This feature promotes longer battery life by preventing overcharging and undercharging related to temperature fluctuations.

Optimized Charging with Skylla TG Charger

Every detail of the Skylla TG Charger is designed with your battery's health in mind. From adjustable charge voltage to temperature compensation, this charger is a comprehensive solution for maintaining your battery system in peak condition.