Bolt Charger:

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Discover the Convenience of Bolt Charger: A 1100mAh Disposable Battery for Your Smartphone

Harness the power of convenience with our innovative Bolt Charger, a disposable battery designed to seamlessly integrate with iPhone, Android, and Samsung phones. This 1100mAh one-time-use charger promises an immediate boost, offering up to 40% additional charge to keep you connected when it matters most.

Plug and Play Charging Solution

Simply connect the Bolt Charger directly to your device using its versatile charging base. Engineered for universal compatibility, the charger features an Android-compatible base along with interchangeable tips for iPhone and Type-C devices. This easy-to-use design ensures that regardless of your smartphone model, you can enjoy a hassle-free charging experience.

Eco-Friendly Technology

Committed to sustainability, we urge you to recycle the Bolt Charger after use. Embrace the convenience without compromising on environmental responsibility. This single-use charger 1100mAh is designed with eco-conscious materials, aligning with our goal to reduce electronic waste.

Why Choose the Bolt Charger?

- **Universal Compatibility**: Comes with an Android charging base and includes iPhone and Type-C charging tips. - **One-Time Use Convenience**: Ideal for emergency situations or when a power source is not readily available. - **Up to 40% Charge**: Get a significant battery boost of up to 40%, ensuring you stay connected. - **Eco-Conscious Design**: Fully recyclable, promoting a greener, more sustainable approach to portable charging. Redefine your charging experience with the Bolt Charger, a portable, powerful, and planet-friendly solution for your smartphone. Say goodbye to battery anxiety and hello to seamless connectivity, no matter where life takes you.