48 volt lithium storage battery (6943001280555)

48V 500AH Lithium Telecom Battery

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48V 500AH Lithium Ion Battery This Lithium Battery Company 48V 200AH Lithium Ion Battery features an automatic built-in battery management system (BMS). Our LBC48500 is a 48V 500ah lithium deep cycle battery. This lithium iron phosphate battery is ready to replace your lead-acid battery bank in your solar energy system or electric vehicle. It's powerful, rugged, and has an extremely long cycle life. The 48 Volt 500 Amp-Hour battery can store more energy and charge faster than lead-acid battery alternatives. Dig deeper into the technology inside our 48V product family. Our 48V 500AH lithium-ion batteries can be used in off-grid solar electric systems, and for grid-tie or emergency backup power systems with or without solar. 

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