12V 64AH Lithium Ion Battery - LITHIUM BATTERY CO
12V 64AH Lithium Ion Battery - LITHIUM BATTERY CO
12V 64AH Lithium Ion Battery - LITHIUM BATTERY CO
12V 64AH Lithium Ion Battery - LITHIUM BATTERY CO
12V 64AH Lithium Ion Battery - LITHIUM BATTERY CO

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12V 64AH Lithium Ion Battery

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Introducing the 12V 64Ah Lithium Ion Battery from Lithium Battery Co. Our ground-breaking power solution packs a serious punch in a conveniently small battery. No more extra backpacks, roller cases, or heavy lifting required for your energy needs. This battery is the perfect size for remote off-grid use, providing reliable power and the peace of mind that comes with it. Whether you're planning a solo camping trip, escaping to the great outdoors with family, or in need of an emergency back-up power source, trust in Lithium Battery Co. to have your back!

Not only will this extremely powerful battery provide all your energy needs while on the go but it is also incredibly durable and long lasting. With its most advanced lithium cell technology and inline BMS safety circuit protection included you can rest assured knowing you are getting superior performance with every single charge. rated IP65 water resistant so no need to worry about any accidental spills either. And did we mention up to 1800 charging cycles for maximum bang for your buck?

On top of everything mentioned before, setup is literally as easy as 1-2-3! Just connect your existing electrical system components to get from zero to full power in no time at all! Don‚Äôt let anything stand in between you and getting the most out of your adventure ‚Äď whether short term or long term -with Lithium Battery Co. So stop worrying about having enough juice for the road ahead, our 12V 64Ah Lithium Ion Battery has got you covered!

Product information


High Energy Density

Our lithium-ion batteries have unparalleled energy density, meaning that they can store more energy in a smaller space compared to other battery technologies. This makes our batteries ideal for portable devices where size and weight are critical factors.

Extended Lifespan

Our lithium-ion batteries have an extended lifespan, allowing them to last longer than other battery technologies. In fact, our batteries can last up to three times longer than conventional batteries, which provides a significant cost advantage over time.

Superior Performance

Our lithium-ion batteries provide superior performance compared to other battery technologies. They offer a higher power output, which means that devices can run faster and perform better. This makes our batteries perfect for applications that require high performance.

Industry-Leading Safety

Our lithium-ion batteries are equipped with advanced safety features that protect against overheating, short-circuiting, and other potential hazards. This ensures that our batteries are dependable and safe, giving our customers peace of mind.


Automatic Hands-Free Battery Management System

Voltage Management

Voltage management regulates the voltage level of the battery, preventing overcharging and excessive discharge, which can both shorten battery life.

State of Charge Monitoring

This feature measures the amount of energy left in the battery and helps prevent overcharging or deep discharge.

Fault Detection / Isolation

Fault detection and isolation help the system to detect any issues with the battery and isolate the faulty cell to prevent further damage.

Cell Balancing

Balancing ensures the cells in a battery are at the same charge level and helps to extend the life of the battery.