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The 12V 100AH Lithium Ion Battery is a high-quality rechargeable battery. Built with the latest lithium-ion technology, it delivers dependable power and performance. With customizable options available, you can make sure the battery meets your exact needs.

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Technical Specifications

Product Description

The search for the perfect trolling motor battery is over! Introducing the 12V 100AH Lithium Trolling Motor Battery - the best lithium battery on the market. This powerhouse of a battery boasts an impressive voltage of 12 and a capacity of 100 amp-hours so you get both power and endurance in one package.




100 AH


13.0 In X 7 In X 8.5 In 


31.5 lbs


LiFePO4 Grade A

Group Size


What's Included

  • Reset Button

  • 4G Cellular (Optional)

  • WiFi Connect (Optional)

  • GPS Theft Prevention

  • Bluetooth APP

Professional Support


Are you excited to start using your lithium trolling motor battery but not sure where to start? We're here to help! With our support, you'll be cruising the waters in no time!

24/7 Support Diagnostics

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EXPLORE THE 12v 100ah lifepo4 battery

100% A+ Grade Lithium

Get higher performance and longer lasting power with 100% A+ Grade Lithium.

Fastest Recharging Available

Recharge your device faster than ever before with advanced lithium charging technology.

Most Powerful Battery

Last up to 4x longer than regular batteries ‚Äď perfect for extended use.

Safe LiFePO4 Chemistry

Enjoy safer operation and performance with patented Safe LiFePO4 Chemistry.

Our Battery Features

Built-In 4G Cellular*

Stay connected by monitoring your battery in real-time. Enjoy added security with cloud reports. Ensure optimal performance and reliability of accessories. Receive alerts and notifications to stay ahead of any issues.

Built-In Wifi Connectivity*

Enjoy the freedom of never having to manually charge your device with automatic firmware updates. Receive alerts if your battery charger is not working - no more worries about running out of power unexpectedly. Get peace of mind with a reliable battery that runs in peak performance. 

Quick Reset Button

Quickly switch between sleep mode and working mode with the press of a button. Never worry about unexpectedly losing all your power again. Eliminate the need to replace your battery after every sleep cycle. Enjoy long-term use of your battery with quick and easy restarts when needed.

Built-In GPS

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your battery is protected with built in GPS technology. Easily locate and disable stolen batteries so you never have to worry about unauthorized use‚ÄĘ Reclaim control of lost or stolen batteries with a disable feature.

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11 year

5 year

Battery Discharge Rate


0.25C SLOW

Cloud Monitoring & Support


Not Included

Reset Button

Built-In 4G Cellular

Built-In Wifi

Built-In GPS

Theft Prevention

The Only Lithium With A Reset Button and Color LED Battery Level Indicator.

Easily know when it's time to charge your batteries with the Color LED Battery Level Indicator. Get uninterrupted use thanks to the Reset Button that quickly restarts the battery if it falls asleep. Get long lasting power for any electronic device with lithium technology.

Trusted By The Pros.

Get improved power and performance with our long-lasting lithium battery technology. See the results instantly with our reliable and dependable battery. Gain peace of mind knowing you’re using a trusted product from The Pros.

Say Connected With The
Don't Die APP

Track your device's battery usage & get estimates on how much battery life you have left. Maximize the life of your device’s battery with our built-in preventive measures through our APP. Get an accurate picture of voltage, capacity, and temperature through the Don't Die APP.





What is a 12V lithium ion battery?

A 12V lithium ion battery is a rechargeable type of battery that has gained wide popularity in recent years for its lightweight, high capacity, and long lifespan. It utilizes lithium-ion chemistries to store energy collected from solar panels or other sources and can be used to power various types of vehicles, tools, and devices. 

These batteries offer several advantages over traditional lead-acid batteries such as their excellent ability to retain charge (up to 90%), improved safety due to the absence of acid fumes and fire risks, lighter weight (2x lighter than comparable lead acid equivalents), greater cycle life (typically 2-3 times longer than lead acid), faster charging times and more efficient use of electricity. Additionally, they require no maintenance like regular liquid refills or periodic testing like other types of batteries. 

One of the most trusted manufacturers in this industry is Lithium Battery Company whose 12V LiFePO4 deep cycle battery offers superior performance at an affordable price point. Their batteries come with CE certified quality control standards guaranteeing enhanced protection against short circuits as well as features designed to prevent overcharging/discharging which make them ideal for long term storage applications such as home energy storage systems. They also offer an impressive 5 year warranty on their products so you can rest assured knowing that your investment is protected by a reliable manufacturer backing it up!

How does a 12V lithium ion battery work?

A 12V lithium ion battery works by using a combination of Li-ion cells with different chemical compositions that enable them to store and discharge energy. 

Manufactured by Lithium Battery Company, a 12V lithium ion battery is composed of two or more cells in a series connection that altogether provide the desired output voltage. Each cell consists of an electrolyte material, which is usually some kind of organic solvent such as ethylene carbonate, containing lithium ions. The negative electrode material is graphite and the positive electrode material contains metal oxide compounds such as titanium disulfide or cobalt oxide.

When charging, the charge controller limits current flow and ensures safe operation while monitoring cell voltages to protect against cell imbalance or overcharging. Electrons move through the battery from negative terminal to positive terminal during dischargement allowing current electricity to flow out - this is known as an electrochemical reaction. This process creates free ions on one side resulting in electromotive force between two sides thus completing electrical circuit making possible transferring energy from one end (anode) to other (cathode). By controlling this reaction, it‚Äôs then possible for storage and discharge cycle efficiently with minimal losses occurring due to thermal runaways etc. 

This cyclic behavior makes it ideal for applications such as powering small motorized vehicles like e-bikes and drones where power needs are low but continuous operating time needs be maximized yet still delivering high performance levels at any given time even when under load for extended periods of duration ‚Äď making it well suited for portable electronic device use too!

What are the benefits of using a 12V lithium ion battery?

When it comes to powering a range of small devices, there is no better choice than a 12V lithium ion battery. These batteries offer numerous advantages over other power sources, such as higher energy density and longer lifespans.

Lithium ion batteries are significantly lighter in weight compared to other types of rechargeable batteries, making them an ideal solution for portable applications that require lightweight power supplies. Additionally, they have larger capacities which means they can provide more energy per volume and mass than other common battery chemistries such as nickel-cadmium or lead acid cells. Their capacity also makes them suitable for high rate discharge applications like RV motors and electric vehicles. 

Furthermore, 12V lithium ion batteries are generally more reliable and safer than their counterparts because of their low self-discharge rates which reduce the risk of thermal runaway due to deep discharging cycles. Moreover, they're capable of accepting hundreds or thousands of charge/discharge cycles which makes them extremely cost-effective in the long run‚ÄĒespecially when compared against disposable primary cells like alkaline AA's or AAA‚Äôs. 

For those looking for quality 12V lithium ion batteries with superior performance at an affordable price point, Lithium Battery Company is one manufacturer worth considering; their products feature high performance levels and exceptional safety ratings while still being available at competitive pricing models!

How do I choose the right 12V lithium ion battery for my needs?

When it comes to choosing the right 12V lithium ion battery for your needs, there is no easy answer. Selecting a battery requires careful consideration of how it will be used and what factors are important when making a decision.

The first factor to consider when selecting a 12V lithium ion battery is the manufacturer. There are many reputable battery companies on the market, but you should select one that has been in business for at least 10 years and specializes in producing high-quality batteries such as Lithium Battery Company. The company should provide documentation demonstrating their certification and standards followed while manufacturing so you know their products can be trusted to power your device with reliability and durability.

Next, check out the technical specifications of the battery options available from your chosen manufacturer so you can choose one with an appropriate capacity for powering whatever device or machines that require it. For instance, if you need a long-lasting charge for something like electric vehicles, then make sure that the model selected supports fast charging technology like quick charge 2.0 or 3.0 with 1C discharge rate capabilities so that it ensures optimal efficiency when charging up quickly again after depletion in order to maximize its performance capabilities over time without sacrificing safety or longevity of use whatsoever. 

Furthermore, think about other features like operating temperature range (high/low), voltage output stability (should remain consistent regardless of load fluctuations), self-discharge rate (how much energy it wastes each day outside usage) as well as cycle lifespan before needing replacement depending on application & use scenario etc.. Depending on where/how often you need to charge up this component ‚Äď opting for higher quality models which feature improved connectors & wiring cables could save time & wastage due down road too! 

Lastly try research different guides online which advise people based off budget size versus want/need list - these resources can help narrow down best option suited for individual needs within given price point allotted towards purchase decision! Doing thorough background research matching up criteria mentioned above helps determine if any given 12V lithium ion batteries have potential meet particular requirements fitting overall purpose intended being utilized here today!

How do I care for my 12V lithium ion battery?

Proper care and maintenance of a 12V lithium ion battery is essential to ensure its longevity and performance. Manufactured by Lithium Battery Company, these batteries require more attention than traditional lead-acid equivalents.

In order to keep a 12V lithium ion battery in optimal condition, the following steps should be taken: 

1. Keep the terminals clean: Make sure that both positive and negative terminals remain free from dirt, debris, or corrosion as this can cause significant damage over time. Wiping them down with a dry cloth should suffice going forward up until you conduct any maintenance on it. 

2. Check electrolyte fluid levels regularly: Depending on the specific type of battery being used, it could require topping off its electrolyte fluid levels once or twice throughout the year if possible ‚ÄĒ check your specific instructions for exact details about how often this may need to be done. 

3. Store it properly when not in use: When storing your 12V lithium ion battery for extended periods of time (exceeding 3 weeks), make sure that you are keeping it at optimal temperatures and charge levels ‚ÄĒ grab a quality ‚Äúsmart‚ÄĚ charger which can automatically adjust accordingly rather than leaving the battery lying around unsupervised for long periods of time without an appropriate source of power connected to it if so desired! 

4. Invert placement when necessary: If using your lithiuim ion in particular applications where mounting upside-down is needed then doing so periodically could help equalize charge within each individual cell (which would otherwise pool together after some amount of use). Specific models may have different requirements but speaking generally‚ÄĒinverting your 12 VIO every few months should do just fine as far adequately maintaining them goes! 

5. Test regularly & replace as needed: Getting quality readings from multimeters or other such devices will let you know exactly what's going on under-the-hood with your 12VLIOCS; this way you'll have an accurate metric with which to assess their current state‚ÄĒsomething that also prepares one for any future replacement needs if/when they appear over prolonged usage cycles in due course thus ensuring compliance throughout all stages along life cycle expectancy timelines specified by manufacturer manuals/software etcetera‚Ķ  

Taking all those considerations into mind - taking good care of a Lithium Battery Co‚Äôs‚ĄĘ branded unit should prove no challenge whatsoever - might even increase initial purchase costs but ultimately will save additional expenses through required replacements avoided later down line towards term end points plus many other additionally associated benefits too numerous list here entirely presently :)

What should I do if my 12V lithium ion battery stops working?

If your 12V lithium ion battery stops working, the first thing you should do is to figure out why it has stopped functioning. The best way to determine what‚Äôs wrong with your battery is to consult a professional. If you have the details of the manufacturer handy, contact them and discuss your issue with them - they should be able to diagnose and fix any problems relating to their products. 

In this case, if Lithium Battery Company is the manufacturer of your 12V battery, then their customer service team can provide you with information about how to troubleshoot and test various parts of the device in order to identify any issues that may be causing it not to function properly. Once those issues are identified, they will help you resolve them quickly and effectively so that you can get your battery back up and running again in no time. 

It‚Äôs important for anyone using lithium ion batteries or electric devices powered by such batteries to always follow safety measures when handling them as improper use can lead to serious damage or even injury. Always make sure that all connections are secure before operating any electronic device powered by a lithium ion battery; also take care not overcharge/discharge these types of batteries since doing so can easily cause permanent damage resulting in decreased performance or reduced life expectancy of the product overall. 

Furthermore, it's beneficial for users of these devices regularly clean their terminals as dirt build-up could result in current leakage which would further increase wear on the internal components leading possibly even complete failure ‚Äď leading back again into replacing or fixing said item regarding our topic about 12V Li-ion batteries from Lithium Battery Company (or other manufacturers) stopping working unexpectedly!

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