Split Phase Max Hybrid Solar Power System 12KVA

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Discover the Power of Hybrid Solar with the Split Phase Max 12KVA PV Input 8Kw Solar Inverter

Experience unmatched energy independence and save on your electricity bills with the Split Phase Max 12KVA PV Input 8Kw Solar Inverter Hybrid Solar Power System. Ideal for those ready to minimize their grid reliance, this premium solar inverter is designed for generating electricity using solar panels or wind turbines. With a robust 8kw capacity, it's perfectly suited for larger homes or businesses eager to embrace a greener lifestyle. Not only does this mean substantial savings on energy costs, but it also translates into a significant contribution towards environmental conservation.

Why Choose the Split Phase Max 12KVA Hybrid Solar System?

- **Versatility**: Capable of harnessing power from both solar panels and wind turbines, offering a flexible solution for your renewable energy needs. - **High Capacity**: The 8Kw power output makes it an excellent choice for substantial residential or commercial setups aiming to adopt sustainable practices. - **Grid Independence**: Drastically reduce your dependency on the mainstream energy grid, securing energy autonomy and price stability. - **Eco-Friendly**: By opting for renewable sources, you not only cut down costs but also lower your carbon footprint, making a positive impact on the environment. Embrace the future of energy with the Split Phase Max 12KVA PV Input 8Kw Solar Inverter Hybrid Solar Power System. Switch to solar today and take a significant step towards sustainability and energy independence.

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Split Phase Max Hybrid Solar Power System 12KVA Specifications

Nominal Voltage:
Nominal Capacity:




Self Discharge:

Certificates - UN38.3, CE, UL1642, IEC62133
Shipping Classification - UN3480, CLASS 9

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