Skylla IP65:

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Discover the Skylla IP65: Your Ultimate Battery Charger

Introducing the Skylla IP65, a robust, waterproof, and intelligent battery charger that employs a sophisticated 7-stage adaptive charge algorithm. This versatile charger is compatible with a broad spectrum of battery types and chemistries, including a specialized Lithium-ion charge algorithm optimally designed for enhanced charging.

Offering a wide range of universal input voltages, the Skylla IP65 ensures unparalleled flexibility in installation. Regardless of its geographical location across the globe, it guarantees to maintain full output power, making it an ideal charging solution for users worldwide.

The charger's IP65 certification underscores its exceptional suitability for challenging conditions encountered in marine, mobile, and industrial applications. It is meticulously engineered to endure the harsh realities of adverse environments, including extreme heat, humidity, and corrosive salt air.