Satellite Battery B4600:

Sale price$3,999.00

Satellite Battery B4600: Power and Specifications

Capacity/Power: 4608Wh, perfect for extensive usage demands. Battery Type: LifePO4, known for its durability and safety.

Output Ports

- Car Outlet: 12.6V/10A Max, ideal for charging devices on the go. - Anderson Output: 12.6V, 30A, 378W Max, designed for more significant power needs. - XT90: 12V-60VDC, 10A, 600W Max (APP enabled), offering versatile power options with smartphone control.

Efficient Charging Input

Input Specification: 12-150V=10A, 600W Max, ensuring fast recharge capability.

Physical Dimensions

Product Size: 69x28.5x27.4cm (27.2x11.2x10.8in), compact design for easy storage. Net Weight: 98.7lbs (44.8kg), solid build yet manageable.

Packaging Details

Package Size: 77x32x34cm, ensures safe transport and delivery. Gross Weight: 49.5 kg, including packaging materials for optimal protection. This Satellite Battery B4600 meets the needs for a high-capacity, durable power source, with 600W max output capacity, making it a reliable choice for powering devices. Whether for leisure or emergency use, it offers the power you need, when you need it.