Phoenix Inverter:

Sale price$1,349.80

Unmatched Efficiency with Pure Sine Wave Output

Experience the ultimate balance of high peak power and remarkable efficiency. The integration of high-frequency and line frequency technologies grants you the best of both worlds, ensuring your devices run smoothly and reliably.

SinusMax - Engineering Excellence

Developed for professional use, the Phoenix inverter series stands out in a diverse range of applications. Our focus has been crafting a true sine wave inverter that does not trade off performance for efficiency. By incorporating hybrid HF technology, we have created a premium product that is not only compact and lightweight but also robust in supplying uninterrupted power to any load.

Expandable Power Solutions

Parallel and 3-phase operation capability lets you scale up effortlessly. Connect up to 6 Phoenix Inverters in parallel to amplify your power output according to your needs. For instance, six 24 V 5000 VA units can collectively deliver up to 24 kW / 30 kVA of power.