Orion-Tr DC-DC Isolated Converters with IP43 & Input Fuse

Sale price$67.15

Remote On/Off Feature

The Remote On/Off capability simplifies operations by removing the necessity for a high-current switch in the input wiring. This feature can be easily controlled using a low power switch or, for instance, the engine's run/stop switch. For detailed guidance, please refer to the manual.

Enhanced Durability and Expandability

All models are designed with short circuit protection, ensuring longevity and reliability. To meet the demand for higher output current, units can be connected in parallel without any limitation on the number of units, enhancing scalability for your needs.

IP43 Protection

This model comes with IP43 protection, effective when installed with the screw terminals facing downwards, safeguarding against ingress of foreign bodies and splashing of water.

Easy Installation with Screw Terminals

The use of screw terminals not only simplifies the installation process but also eliminates the need for special tools, making setup quick and efficient.

Input Fuse for Added Safety

For added peace of mind, an input fuse is included on models with 12V and 24V input.