Dual Pro PS2 15A Dual Bank Lithium Ion Marine Charger

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The Dual Pro PS2 Professional Lithium Charger - 2 Bank sets a high standard in the marine industry, recognized for over a decade as the go-to for safety, reliability, and performance. It's the choice of over 50 boat manufacturers and numerous professional fishermen in the B.A.S.S. and FLW tournament circuits. Designed for versatile use, this charger is suitable for both land and water environments, including fresh and salt water.

Battery Charging System Designed for Use On Land and in Fresh and Salt Water

  • The “Green” Charger: Fully repairable, making it an environmentally friendly choice, unlike disposables.
  • Unmatched Performance, Reliability, Safety, and Quality
  • TROUBLE-FREE – Plug it in and forget it! Enjoy seamless charging.
  • Join over 750,000 satisfied customers who trust Dual Pro for their charging needs.
  • Fully Automatic and Completely Waterproof for worry-free use in any setting.
  • This charger supports a wide range of sporting applications, including inland and salt water watercraft, motorcycles, golf carts, and utility vehicles, highlighting its versatility.

    Product Features

  • Compatible with Lithium Battery Company Batteries and models available for Gelled Electrolyte batteries.
  • Incorporates DeltaVolt® Intuitive Charging Technology for efficient power management.
  • Waterproof, dependable construction designed for both fresh and salt water, ensuring durability.
  • Features independent outputs for charging multiple batteries at once without interference.
  • Fully automatic/multi-stage charging ensures your batteries are charged efficiently.
  • Equipped with zero spark technology for enhanced safety.
  • Maintenance mode and on-board diagnostic codes help keep your batteries in top condition.
  • Temperature compensation and advanced microprocessor control adjust charging based on environment.
  • Versatile battery systems ranging from 12V to 48V accommodate diverse needs.
  • LED indicators provide easy monitoring of the charging status.
  • Reverse polarity protection, no installation restrictions, and FCC Parts A & B interference compliant for peace of mind.
  • Cable lengths: DC charge cables = 5ft.