36V 20A Marine Lithium Battery Charger (6943004524587)

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36V 20A Lithium Charger

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When it comes to finding the right charger for your 36V Lithium Ion battery, look no further than our onboard high-precision charger. With its built-in protection and innovative safety features, this charger offers users extended battery life and reliability. Quick and easy to use, our charger is specifically designed to charge the LBC 36V50AH Lithium Trolling Motor Battery. So if you're looking for a quick, efficient, and intelligent charge for your battery, our onboard charger is the way to go.

36V20A Single Bank Lithium Charger - Waterproof.

Output Voltage: 43.8VDC

Output Current: 20ADC

Dimensions: 9.1x4.7x2.8" (230x120x70mm)

Weight: 13 lbs

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