12 volt 9.6ah lithium ion battery wrapped in PVC (6943002001451)

Lithium Battery Company

12V 9.6AH Lithium PVC Wrap Battery

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The Lithium Battery Co. brings you ultra-high performance and efficiency with their 12V 9.6AH lithium wrapped PVC battery. This lightweight, reliable power unit is perfect for golf carts, wheelchairs, scooters, boats and other heavy duty electric vehicles. With its advanced thermal management system, you will get consistent power delivery over the lifespan of your battery. Utilizing premium grade LiFePO4 cells, the Lithium Battery Co guarantees lasting value and peace of mind from start to finish.

Get the true advantage of a long cycle life, great storage capabilities and a high level of safety as well - making this choice easy for any application. Whether you’re using it in multiple harsh environments like salt water exposure or hot desert heat, this ultra-robust power source is designed to stay reliable throughout all ranges.

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