Power Pole Charge (6943000231979)

Power-Pole CHARGE

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The Power-Pole CHARGE with Don't Die Series batteries from Lithium Battery Company is the ultimate battery and charger combo. Don't Die Series are the preferred lithium for the Power-Pole CHARGE, and on the CHARGE tournament boat. When used with the C-Monster app, CHARGE lets you prioritize your energy replenishment with just the slide of your finger. This isn’t a mere battery charger it's a complete power-management system. Lithium Battery Company assisted with the development of the CHARGE system with Lithium-Ion Batteries. Whether you are plugged in directly to a 120V power outlet at the dock, at home, or while using it to charge from your primary motor while on the run, the CHARGE system replenishes your entire battery bank including the 12V cranking battery and up to three trolling motor batteries all at once.


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