Phoenix Smart IP43:

Sale price$476.00

Designed with boat owners in mind, the Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger is a versatile and intelligent charging solution that comes in a 5-step adaptive model, catering to the needs of every marine enthusiast. This smart IP43 charger can deliver either 30A or 50A to each of three separate battery banks, ensuring your marine adventures are never power-limited. Alternatively, the Phoenix 1+1 model offers a specialized approach by providing 3A to the starter-battery while directing the remaining power to the ‘house’ bank, maximizing efficiency for your onboard electrical systems. For those requiring a 24V configuration, the Phoenix smart IP43 is available in models supplying 16A/25A, making it a flexible option for various marine applications. With the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity, this ip43 charger empowers you to monitor your charger’s status and set alarms directly from your phone, ensuring that you’re always in control no matter where you are. ### Advanced Charging Features

Loaded with adaptive, intelligent, and dynamic charging capabilities, the Phoenix Smart IP43 makes managing your vessel’s power needs seamless and efficient.