400w lithium portable battery (6943002591275)

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400 Watt Portable LiFePO4 Power Pack

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Rescue LiFePO4 portable power packs are capable of delivering significant current to start cars, trucks, ATV's, boats, and other 12V equipment. World's first lithium power pack with charger and maintainer from Lithium Battery Company. Portable power stations are compact, convenient and efficient machines you can use to store electric power for use in cases of emergency power outages, when you're in remote places with no electricity connection, or when you want to go off the grid.

Model No : LBC-B400
Battery Capacity : 400Wh (Lithium)
AC Max Output : 300VA(100-240VAC)
DC Output : 2* USB5V2.0A, 2*USB5V1.0A, 1* 12V10A Cigar Lighter
AC Max Charge : 120W
DC Max Charge : 120W (charger or solar charging)
Size and Weight : L230* W140* H235 mm, 5.6kg

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