12V | 36V Lithium Marine Charger (6943003901995)

Dual 36V and 12V Lithium Marine Charger

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12V|36V Dual Bank Charger 2 - Bank Charger.

This is a 2-bank Lithium Battery waterproof charger. It has the ability to charge the 12v and a 36v battery at the same time. 

Nominal Voltage & Current

  Bank #1 - 12V Output Voltage 14.6V
  Bank #2 - 36V Output Voltage 43.8V
  Bank #1 - 12V Output Current 15A
  Bank #2 - 36V Output Current
  Rated Input Voltage 110-240Vac
  Battery Chemistry LiFePO4

Product Size and Weight

  Length 12 Inches
  Width 9 Inches
  Height 4 Inches
  Weight 13.20 lbs


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