Don't Die Reset button

What is the Don't Die™ Reset Button?

The Don't Die™ Reset Button is a handy feature located on the top of our lithium-ion batteries. It's designed to get your battery up and running again should you encounter issues such as a low-voltage disconnect, improper charging, or if your battery is in sleep mode. With just a simple press, this magical button will have you back in action within three seconds.



How to Decipher the LED Color Meanings

1. Solid Green: Your battery is in perfect operating condition – keep going!
2. Blinking Green: Time to recharge! Your battery is at less than 10% capacity.
3. No Light: This could mean one of two things:
a. Your battery is in power-saving mode due to inactivity.
b. The battery is in low-voltage disconnect protection mode.

Troubleshooting and Reset Instructions:

Follow these simple steps to troubleshoot and reset your battery:

1. If the reset button does not display a green light, press and hold the button for 5 seconds. After this, the battery will turn on and display either a solid green light or a blinking green light.

2. If the light is solid green, your battery was most likely in power-saving mode and will continue to function normally until it becomes inactive once again.

3. If the light is blinking green, your battery most likely experienced a low-voltage disconnect. In this case, you need to get your battery on a charger as soon as possible.

Important: If you continue to use your battery after it first disconnects, you will need a lithium charger to wake it up following five unsuccessful restart attempts.