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When a military application requires increased power, a unique configuration, longer shelf-life, or the ability to withstand extreme environmental situations, our engineers can design a custom solution to fit your needs.

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Engineering Capabilities

We are a full-service custom battery manufacturer with design and engineering capabilities. We work closely with you to meet military specifications. Reliability, durability, power, and weight are all key considerations when we design a custom military battery pack.

We guarantee your custom battery pack and lithium batteries will perform in rugged military environments. Our battery systems are equipped with kitted solutions, such as chargers and communication software, for increased performance and cycle life. We test all our batteries thoroughly and document the origins of all our military battery pack assemblies.

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Lithium Battery Company leads the industry in the design and manufacture of custom military battery packs.

We can supply lithium batteries for military applications such as communication equipment, drones, and computers. When you need higher energy density and maximum capacity built to perform in extreme conditions, you can call on us.

Video Sensors
GPS Units
Wireless Transceivers
Thermal Weapon Scopes & Sensors
UAV (drones)
Fire Suppression Equipment
Anti-tank Missile Systems
Night Vision Equipment

Military Battery Management Systems (BMS)

If you are looking for Battery Management Systems that are engineered for safe operation and performance optimization, then Lithium Battery Company has a proven track record.

The Lithium Battery Company was selected to provide a programmable battery management system for the U.S. Army’s Multi-Utility Tactical Transport (MUTT) unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) because our customized lithium-ion battery systems offer up to 60% more energy density, and 70% less weight compared to traditional lead-acid and AGM batteries.

Our technology also meets the requirements for high-endurance and demanding battlefield conditions. In this instance, the proprietary battery management system technology was configured so that it could be monitored in real-time through an onboard computer, creating the ability to adjust performance parameters from anywhere in the world.

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Say Goodbye To Limitations

Lithium Battery Company is innovating the future of lithium-ion battery technology used in mission-critical applications. Our lithium-ion batteries use a proprietary battery management system that unleashes the full potential of your battery system.

More Powerful

We only use the highest quality lithium-ion cells in our batteries. They offer more energy compared to standard lithium-ion batteries.

Faster Charging

Your battery will charge 5X faster compared to other lithium-ion batteries. We use Grade A cells that can be rapidly charged.

100% Recyclable

As the demand for lithium-ion batteries increases, our batteries are recyclable. We offer easy recycling options with our products.

Less Headaches

Our batteries have a "Lithium Black Box" inside, similar to an aircraft flight recorder. This is a game-changing upgrade for support that is hassle-free.

Advanced BMS

The advanced BMS is inside each battery to protect your investment and give your product peak performance. Our technology will make your battery more efficient.

Worldwide Support

Our batteries can be easily transported anywhere globally backed by our proprietary technical support that can access your battery remotely.

"We are honored to be a part of such an elite team of individuals, and humbled that Lithium Battery Company has been given the opportunity to provide support to military frontlines with our exclusive battery technology." - Nathan A. Staron, Founder

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    Testing & Certification

    We are able to manufacture both primary and secondary military battery packs to meet or exceed military standards and perform reliably in all conditions. Our experts perform routine tests and quality checks on all military battery packs and their components


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    The Lithium Battery Company designs and manufactures custom energy solutions specifically for military equipment. For more information, contact us using the web form.