Customer Service Policy

Lithium Battery Company


Lithium Battery Company Intl. strives for excellence and professionalism in providing customer service. Our commitment is to be a valued and trusted partner and to make every interaction with us a positive experience.

Our Customer Service Policy has been established to be reflective of our shared values. These values set forth basic principles for working with our customers, and include integrity, customer care, passion, and teamwork.

Our commitment to high standards is reinforced in this Customer Service Code of Conduct. Customer Service is really about human dynamics and communication. It goes far beyond the technical aspects of product or service offerings. The real differentiator is people. We want you, our customers, and suppliers, to be able to trust us and be confident our decisions and procedures are ethical and beyond reproach.

This code provides clear direction on the conduct expected in support of our customers. It applies to all employees, contractors, and others acting on behalf of Lithium Battery Co.


Lithium Battery Co. expects the highest possible standards of integrity and conduct in all matters. True partnership with our clients is our main goal, supported by the following Code of Conduct:

  1. Your concerns are our top priority. We'll listen intently, make notes about what you've said and confirm understanding before taking any action on your issue(s). If we can't resolve it immediately, then rest assured an escalation will be placed for a timely resolution.
  2. We embrace your complaints as opportunities to impress you. When you come to us with a complaint or issue, we are committed not only to resolving the problem but also to ensuring it is done right. We take pride in providing excellent customer service and will go out of our way for those who have been generous enough to provide feedback about their experience.
  3. Our team of experts will provide you with honest responses. We do not promise what we can't deliver, so your satisfaction is guaranteed.We're strict about honesty and authenticity. It's important for us not only to resolve the issue but to ensure a great experience in future interactions.
  4. We demonstrate knowledge of Lithium Battery Co.’s products and services so we can address your particular situation with optimal solutions. We make sure you have all the information you need to get the best experience and value from our partnership. You can rest assured with the Lithium Battery Co. team you are in safe hands as we deliver an unparalleled customer experience through our unique approaches and robust feedback channels for maximizing satisfaction from start to finish.
  5. The information you share with us is treated as confidential. We will use it to better our partnership and serve your needs.


Our primary goal is to surpass your expectations in every interaction. Comments and feedback from you regarding how well your expectations are being met are welcomed and appreciated.

While we take utmost care to ensure we provide our services efficiently, courteously, and to a high standard, we understand complaints may occur. A complaint, however it is made, will be investigated, resolved, and used as means to improve our standards or service. If at any time during your interaction with Lithium Battery Co. you are not happy with the level of service you experience, please submit a detailed summary of your concern(s) by phone at (844)438-5484 or in writing to All concerns will be appropriated to the person or department best suited to respond. We will acknowledge all written concerns within 48 hours of receipt, followed by a thorough investigation into the issues involved. Resolutions will be discussed with you, and then implemented to ensure your complete satisfaction.

If you are not satisfied with how your concerns have been resolved, you may request an escalated review of the situation from the Chief Operating Officer. Such a request may be made by calling Anne Dills at (813)722-1053 ext. 102 or by emailing Your request will be given the utmost attention and courtesy, with open two-way communication until the issue is resolved.


Lithium Battery Co. fully complies with applicable laws and regulations everywhere we do business. Particular care to ensure compliance is and must always be taken by employees or subcontractors acting on Lithium Battery Co.’s behalf when working outside our core territory.

Responsibility and Review

This Customer Service Policy is the responsibility of the Management of Lithium Battery Company Intl. This policy was last updated on 5/2022 and will be reviewed 12/2022.