Not all lithium-ion batteries are the same.  We specialize in harnessing the ultimate power of your lithium-ion battery pack by using cutting edge Battery Management System and Grade A high density lithium-ion battery cells.

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We develop battery solutions based on your individual requirements.  Specializing in New and Existing product design, proficient production procedures and precise deadline management. Equipped with kitted solutions, such as, chargers and communication software, that increase performance and cycle life.



We use the most energy dense cylindrical, prismatic, and pouch cell lithium ion chemistry in the industry.  Our battery cells are designed for peak performance, longest life, and safety.

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Driving Lithium-Ion Battery Technology for leading brands

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We want you to have the best experience with your lithium ion battery. Our team is always available to answer questions around the clock with direct contact to our Lithium Battery Company support team.

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