LBC-SKA1000 1,000W Portable Power Supply

LBC-SKA1000 1,000W Portable Power Supply

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LBC-SKA1000 1,000W Portable Power Supply

LBC-SKA1000 is new generation power backup battery pack. The LBC-1000 is manufactured with high performance 18650 lithium-ion batteries and has a high strength aluminum alloy body. Its safety and reliability have been approved by our R&D team long time testing. LBC-SKA1000 has CE, RoHS, FCC certificates. This power supply provides user’s safety and a comfortable experience with its unique features.

LBC-SKA1000 has two ways to store power. It can be recharged both by solar panel and grid electricity with provided AC adapter. LBC-SK1000 has multiple outputs. It supports most electric devices with its dual 110V or 220V AC outlet capable of 1000W.   Both AC & DC outlets support discharge while charging.

LBC-SKA1000 can be used for any electric devices charging such as medical equipment, emergency relief, outdoor activities, UAV drone battery, self-drive travelling, family backup power, lighting, military etc.


Battery Type: 18650 Lithium-ion Power Batteries

Material: Aluminum Alloy

USB1-4 Output: 5V/3A

DC1-2 Output: 12V/8A Max

Double AC Output: 220V/4.55A/50Hz、110V/9.1A/60Hz

Load Power: 1000W (Peak Power 2000W)

Wave Form:Pure Sine Wave

Battery Capacity: 1010.1Wh

Charging Period: 5.5 -7 H (By provided AC adapter)

Size: 408*164*273MM

Weight: 25 lbs.

Color: Silver / Black

Special Order!  Please contact LBC for more information.  Available in 120VAC or 220VAC