Collection: Versatile 12V Lithium Battery Systems for All Applications

Introducing our new 12V Lithium Ion Battery Systems – your ideal power source for a wide variety of devices and applications! Whether you need to power an RV, UAV/Drone, solar energy storage, home or industrial estate lighting, pumps or alarms, these systems are the perfect go-to solution. 

Our advanced technology lithium ion battery cells have been expertly paired to create a system that is lightweight yet robust and long lasting. Our unique design provides maximum power capabilities with rapid charging speeds, so you can maximize efficiency with minimum wastage. They’re also completely safe – our protection systems ensure protection from overcharging and overheating while in use. 

Power your projects with confidence knowing that you are getting a high performance product at an unbeatable price point. And they’re easy to install too - setup takes no time at all for plug-and-play installation in most scenarios.