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Custom Batteries

OEM Custom Battery Pack Solutions

When you need an intelligently designed custom battery pack that provides power for specialized industrial equipment and mission-critical devices, our engineers can design a custom smart or standard battery pack solution for your product’s specific needs.

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  • Custom-designed BMS based on your application and according to needed tolerances.

  • Standard battery pack design with SMBus capabilities.

  • Scaled production for one-time needs or large-scale, ongoing manufacturing support.

  • UN38.3 Battery Pack Testing.

  • Charging Systems.

  • Remote Access Technical Support.

  • Customizable battery connections and built in visual monitors.

  • Engineering and design team to help make the BMS design process easy.

  • Custom designed, plastic, metal, or 3D printed cases.

  • Thermal insulation.

  • Logistics.


  • Highest energy density.
  • Built-in safety.
  • Lab testing of the lithium to check the purity and density.
  • Quality assurance:
  • Factory in accordance with ISO 9001.

Our proprietary Battery Management System (BMS) solutions are used in a wide variety of markets.

Lithium Battery Company serves more OEM industries by offering proprietary BMS solutions in addition to custom-made lithium battery packs. When you need higher energy density and maximum capacity, you can call on us.

Electric Bikes
Medical Equipment
Consumer Electronics
Golf Carts
Testing Equipment

Custom OEM Batteries Benefits

High-quality custom batteries are specifically designed for your product’s application and therefore are safer than one-size-fits-all solutions. When you need an OEM battery that can withstand strong winds, high altitudes, or extreme temperatures, you need an experienced company to design your battery systems so you can protect your company’s reputation.

Our precisely engineered batteries not only minimize safety hazards but they conserve energy, which in turn can increase endurance, all of which sets your products ahead of your competitors.

Our high-quality, custom OEM batteries and battery systems undergo rigorous, application-specific testing to guarantee their performance when used in your product.

We are a full-service custom battery manufacturer with design and engineering capabilities. We work closely with you to meet OEM specifications. Reliability, durability, power, and weight are all key considerations when we design an OEM custom battery solution.

We guarantee your custom battery pack and lithium batteries will perform and our battery systems can be equipped with kitted solutions, such as chargers and communication software, for increased performance and cycle life.

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What dimensions do you have to work with?