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Lithium Ion Batteries – What the Competition doesn’t want you to know.

Lithium Ion Batteries – What the Competition doesn’t want you to know.

Posted by Lithium on May 23rd 2019

Over the past several years, Lithium Battery Company has been innovating new chemistry for our LiFePo4 Batteries and has added additional engineers to design battery management systems that can handle our customers toughest requirements.

Within the past few years we have seen some new businesses that sell lithium ion batteries similar to Lithium Battery Company come to the market. On the outside the batteries look the same but on the inside it is a different tale. Lithium Battery Company uses Grade A cells while other companies are using cheaper Grade B and C cells to manufacturer inside their batteries. They can sell the battery for the same price as their competition but they are saving a lot of money on the back end through purchasing. These cells are much lower in cost and offer less energy density compared to the Lithium Ion Battery cells that Lithium Battery Company uses. LBC has NEVER used anything but the most dense lithium in the world. When you start cutting corners they will lead to after sales issues that will be beyond your control and will also give competitors a reason to deny you warranty repair on your batteries because “you used them wrong.” 

When purchasing a lithium ion battery check out the reviews from REAL customers that have verified purchases. I think the other day I read on a competitors website that Martin Garrix (a dutch DJ for Electric Dance Music) posted a review about using a pair of batteries for his golf cart. (Fake)

A lot of companies are turning to social media to promote their product and give away batteries to people that are promoting them. Although its great to get a free pair of batteries and promote a company for the first few months, only to find out that they are not who you think they are. Do yourself a favor and check out reviews that are on to make sure that you are working with a real company that honors their after sales service and does the right thing. 

If you are looking to purchase Lithium Ion Batteries with the highest energy density in the market, The Lithium Battery Company is the place to go. Check out our google reviews. Ask our customers tagged on social media about their batteries. The majority of our customers have had their batteries in boats for over 5 years now and still call to tell us how strong they are working!