LBC Partnership With Power-Pole

LBC Partnership With Power-Pole

Lithium Battery Company has teamed up with Power-Pole (JL Marine) using lithium-ion batteries and the new Charge - Power Management System. The advanced lithium charging system allows you to take control of your power by charging your lithium-ion trolling motor batteries using your engine alternator.

This on-board charging system uses a mobile app designed by Power-Pole that gives you full control over your boat power management. The CHARGE allows you to monitor your power use and moves battery power to where you need it by maintaining power levels in your preference settings. The lithium-ion batteries from Lithium Battery Company work with the charger designed with bi-directional power management and have the ability to move power between batteries.

Lithium Battery Company located in Tampa, FL started working with Power-Pole in late 2015 on the CHARGE product to provide valuable input using lithium-ion batteries with lithium-ion chargers. CEO, Nathan Staron, says that the marine industry has been waiting for this type of charging system for years which solves a lot of problems charging lithium-ion batteries. We have had customers contact us saying that they were using regular AGM or Lead Acid chargers on their lithium-ion batteries. The majority of these chargers were not allowing the lithium-ion batteries to reach their full capacity. The new CHARGE from Power-Pole solves a lot of the issues we have seen with compatibility and allowed our products to be more efficient out on the water. We have customers that call us from 5 years ago telling us how strong their lithium-ion batteries for their trolling motor is still performing. Customers with the new Power-Pole CHARGE are telling us that they can go 3-6 days in between charging with the lithium trolling motor batteries.

Outdated lead-acid and AGM batteries are still being used with trolling motors but you are limited to the amount of battery capacity before your voltage starts to go low and will turn off your trolling motor. You now can have a competitive advantage with lithium trolling motor batteries because you can decrease the weight on your boat and run longer. The charger is the most important part of your lithium-ion battery system. If you have an efficient charger you will maximize the best performance out of your battery system running your trolling motor.

LBC has also introduced an exclusive battery designed for the Power-Pole CHARGE in single Group 31 cases. The batteries will be individual 24-Volt and 36-Volt systems that work directly with the CHARGE. Although you can still use single 12 Volt 50 Amp Hour and 12 Volt 100 Amp Hour batteries to create a 24V or 36V battery system.

24V Trolling Motor Packages with Power-Pole CHARGE

24V 40AH Lithium-Ion Trolling Motor Battery

24V 50AH Lithium-Ion Trolling Motor Battery

36V Trolling Motor Packages with Power-Pole CHARGE

36V 30AH Lithium-Ion Trolling Motor Battery

36V 60AH Lithium-Ion Trolling Motor Battery

Lithium Battery Co Intl is located in Tampa, FL USA.
Direct questions about this new product line can call 844-438-5484 or