COVID-19 Battery Response

COVID-19 Battery Response

Lithium Battery Company is working closely with the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to provide lithium battery backup systems for COVID-19 mobile testing centers. The first local mobile collection site to test for coronavirus opens on Monday and the tent is already up at the Lee Convenient Care facility near Page field in Fort Myers, Florida.

Lithium Battery backup power is an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to using a gas generator for power needs. LBC Batteries were connected with inverters to provide AC power for medical equipment, lighting, and ventilation. This higher efficiency lithium-ion battery allows the medical equipment to operate up to 15% more effectively over outdated lead acid batteries.

For decades, lead-acid batteries have been the most widely adopted batteries for renewable energy backup systems. Lithium-ion batteries last longer and recharge faster, saving time, money and reducing risk throughout the lifecycle of the uninterruptible power systems. Mobile testing centers are able to run for days without recharging their batteries. Although Lithium Battery Company will not disclose details of the sites' locations, more are reportedly in the works at various locations.

LBC has fully reviewed all test center operations and continue to reinforce lithium battery backups at all test centers around the world in need of a lithium-ion backup battery. Testing centers will include a network of first-rate physicians and hospital staff who will rely on our lithium backup batteries to efficiently run drive-thru facilities.

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