battery management system

LBC Battery Management System (BMS)

will protect the battery from almost any external accidental occurrence that would normally cause damage to a lithium battery. The LBC internal BMS will automatically disconnect if the battery drains below 10 volts. It will automatically reconnect when the charger is turned on. This protects the battery from over-discharging and damaging the cells. . LBC BMS protects the battery from over-charge, short circuit and reverse polarity

The BMS is military grade for maximum strength and reliability
in the world’s most demanding environments. Designed to handle high amp loads the LBC BMS allows customers to use 100% of the rated capacity while maintaining maximum performance and life expectancy of the battery.
 Every battery from LBC includes internal protection that protects against the following:
Low Voltage Protection Switch Automatically Disconnects at 10V
Over Voltage Protection Switch Automatically Disconnects At 15.8V
Short Circuit Protection Switch Automatically Disconnects
Reverse Polarity Protection Switch Automatically Disconnects
Internal Cell Balancing Automatically Balances Cells During Charge And Discharge