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3KW Energy Storage System

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LBC ENERGY SMART ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEM (ESS3215) LBC Smart Energy Storage System(ESS) is an energy storage solution that utilizes intelligent energy management software. It is easily adaptable to your individual needs. The system is available in a variety of storage capacities and configurations, allowing for extensibility and expansion. LBC ESS products allows you to save money every single day by harvesting energy from your solar PV system or the grid when it is cheapest and using the stored energy from the battery to power your home when rates are more expensive. Features --Use solar energy throughout the day and at night LBC ESS lets you enjoy the benefits of solar energy production 24-hours a day! Our integrated smart electronics manage energy use throughout the day, detecting when there's excess power and storing it for use at night. --Never Worry About the Lights Going Out LBC ESS is specifically designed to provide you and your family peace of mind in the event of a power outage. Our unique power detection system will sense outages in real-time and automatically switch over to battery power! --Harvest Cheaper Energy to Use Later LBC ESS allows you to engage in “rate arbitrage” – storing energy when it is cheap and running your home off the battery when rates go up. The LBC ESS is the right choice for every home and every budget.

Model No. : SESS3215
Battery Capacity : 3200Wh
Battery Type : Lithium Ion Battery (Samsung)
Warranty : 10 years
Rated Output Power : 1500W
Peak Output : 2200W
Output Voltage : 100V/110V/120V AC or 220V/230V/240V AC
Output Frequency : 10 years
Overload Ability : 120% < load < 130% @10min; 130% < load < 150% @10s
Production Dimension : 22.8 X 11.8 X 25.4 inches
Packing Dimension : 25.9 X 14.8 X 26.9 Inches
WEIGHT (Nw/Gw) : 104 lbs/126 lbs
Max Efficiency : >92% (>70% Load)
Input Voltage : 100-240VAC
Power Factor : >0.94 (full load)
Input Frequency : 50Hz / 60Hz)
Max Charge Power : 600Wh
Max Efficiency : >92%
Max Input Power : 1200W
MPPT Input Voltage : 75~140V DC
MPPT Amount : 2
Max Input Voltage : 150V DC
MPPT Efficiency : 99.5%
Max Efficiency : >96%
Solar Charging Mode : MPPT
Working Condition Relative humidity : 5%~90%
Temperature : 0~45℃