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7 KWH Battery Wall - Lithium Battery Co.

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7 KWH Battery Wall LiFePo4 Battery. Lithium Battery Company, a leading energy storage solution provider, announces the availability of  its new generation 7 KWH Battery Wall Lithium Ion Battery. Our product line of 7 KWH Battery Wall batteries that offers higher power, longer life, and robust safety compared to comparable lead-acid batteries or other lithium-ion competitors. Contact us today at 844-438-5484.

Battery Type: Lithium ion phosphate Battery
Model No: LBC7000U
Battery combination: 15s3p or 16s3p
Rated voltage: 48-51.2
Capacity: 150Ah
Size: L*W*H 650*480*190 / 25.6*18.9*7.5
Weight: 150 lbs
Application Home ESS, Solar ESS, Solar off grid backup system, Solar Hybrid Inverter, UPS