Building your own custom-designed battery pack is more efficient and cost effective compared to using a traditional and bulky group sized case. We specialize in custom designed lithium-ion battery packs.

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SKU Description Voltage Capacity Length Width Height Weight View Product
LBC2418PVC 24V 18AH Lithium PVC Wrap Battery 24V 18AH 8.00 In 6.25 In 4.00 In 17.6 lbs Click Here
LBC2428PVC 24V 28AH Lithium Ion PVC Wrap Battery 24V 28AH 7.00 In 5.55 In 3.00 In 6.5 lbs Click Here
LBC2435PVC 24V 35AH Lithium Ion PVC Wrap Battery 24V 35AH 8.00 In 5.55 In 4.00 In 8.7 lbs Click Here
LBC2440 24V 40AH Lithium Ion Battery 24V 40AH 14.76 In 8.26 In 5.74 In 34.17 lbs Click Here
LBC2450T 24V 50AH Lithium Telecom Battery 24V 50AH 17.32 In 11.81 In 3.54 In 34.17 lbs Click Here
LBC2460 24V 60AH Lithium Ion Battery 24V 60AH 7.75 In 11.18 In 5.90 In 56.21 lbs Click Here
LBC24100 24V 100AH Lithium Ion Battery 24V 100AH Custom Custom Custom Custom Click Here
LBCBIGJOE Big Joe LiFePo4 Forklift Battery 24V 120AH Custom Custom Custom Custom Click Here
LBC24200 24V 200AH Lithium Ion Battery 24V 200AH Custom Custom Custom Custom Click Here
LBC24400RV 24V 400AH Lithium Motorhome Battery 24V 400AH 13.80 In 13.80 In 13.80 In 275 lbs Click Here

no fake cells

We use the highest quality lithium-ion battery chemistry in the world.  We never use low quality factory rejected or reused lithium cells like other companies are using. Our lithium cells are factory direct using a proprietary computerized selection process.  Learn more about how to spot a fake or low quality battery pack.


battery management

Our battery management system technology is tailored to your power needs.  Our BMS is fully programmable and includes the most advanced communications platform.   Other companies use a traditional basic-function BMS that can easily break, leaving your company with technical support tickets that costs time and money.  



In combination of using the highest quality lithium-ion cells and battery management system (BMS) technology, you will have higher battery performance compared to a competitor.  Our factory backed manufacturing process means you will experience a much higher quality battery pack experience without having to use traditional group sized batteries.