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10 KWH Battery Wall - Lithium Battery Co.

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10 KWH Battery Wall LiFePo4 Battery. Lithium Battery Company, a leading energy storage solution provider, announces the availability of  its new generation 10 KWH Battery Wall Lithium Ion Battery. Our product line of 10 KWH Battery Wall batteries that offers higher power, longer life, and robust safety compared to comparable lead-acid batteries or other lithium-ion competitors. Contact us today at 844-438-5484.

Battery Type: Lithium ion phosphate Battery
Model No: LBC10000U
Battery combination: 15s4p or 16s4p
Rated voltage: 48-51.2
Capacity: 200Ah
Size: L*W*H 650*480*190 / 25.6*18.9*7.5
Weight: 216 lbs
Application Home ESS, Solar ESS, Solar off grid backup system, Solar Hybrid Inverter, UPS